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Home AlEwing 2We are committed to providing a full range of safe, secure, suitable and affordable housing opportunities to low income family, elderly and disabled households in a fair manner. We are committed to fair and non-discriminatory practices throughout all of our programs and activities.

We have developed this website to better serve our residents, applicants, advocates and the larger community by providing helpful information about the agency, its policies and application process. Please take the time to enjoy the site and feel free to contact us with suggestions regarding information that would be helpful to you or ideas about how the site can be improved.

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Board Meeting:
Wednesday April 26th, 8:30am @ Administrative office, 54 Locke Street.
Click here to view Minutes from past Board Meetings.

Resident Police Officer Non-Emergency Tip-Line

* If the event is an emergency please call 911 not this number *

The purpose of the CHA Resident Police Office Non-Emergency Tip-Line is for the residents to call in any suspicious behavior that could be jeopardizing the health and safety of the residents as long as it is not an emergency.

If you see something that you want the Resident Police Officer and/or the Director Supportive Services/Occupancy to check out and investigate,
please call this tip-line.

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Updated Housing Program Income Eligibility Limits (posted 4/20/2017):
HUD has published new limits for 2017, effective April 14, 2017.
Click here to view the most current Income Limits.

Utility Allowances Change Notice (posted 4/10/2017):
As required by HUD regulations, …”schedules, rules and regulations may be modified from time to time by the PHA provided that the PHA shall give at least 30-day written notice to each affected tenant setting forth the proposed modification, the reasons therefore, and providing the tenant an opportunity to present written comments which shall be taken into consideration by the PHA prior to the proposed modification becoming effective.

Accordingly, the Chelsea Housing Authority has attached a proposed schedule, Utility Allowance Chart for your review. This schedule was last updated and implemented July 2016. The proposed schedule is to be implemented effective July 2017.

As required, the Chelsea Housing Authority is providing a 30-day public comment period. The Chelsea Housing Authority will consider all written comments received by May 12, 2017. Please direct written comments to the attention of Diane Cohen, Deputy Director.

Click here to view the Proposed Utility Allowances Chart effective 7/1/2017.

Avoiding Housing Scams:
The following video was created by the Affordable Housing Online and HAI Group to help those identify and avoid Section 8 and Affordable Housing scams.

The Connect Home Initiative:
Officials from T-Mobile, Chelsea Housing Authority, and the City of Chelsea, have announced a partnership to help to bridge the digital divide for the youth of the Chelsea Housing Authority.

T-Mobile donated 100 tablet computers to the Chelsea Housing Authority and the City of Chelsea allocated $12,000 a year for two years to cover the cost of the data service. T-Mobile is committed to the Connect Home initiative started by the Obama Administration and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. T-Mobile has presented approximately 10,000 tablets and high-speed internet access to families in need at housing authorities across the nation and plan to further expand the program in 2017.

The Chelsea Housing Authority identified 100 households with children in middle and/or high school to receive these devices to help the students further their education and assist with homework, school projects and other educational activities. The Executive Director, Al Ewing said “we really appreciate the support shown by the City Manager, Tom Ambrosino, in helping to bring this program to the children in our public housing.”
Click here for more information (photos).

Five Year/Annual Public Housing Plan and Outreach to Establish RAB: 
The Chelsea Housing Authority is in the process of updating the 5 Year/Annual Public Housing Plan. This process includes putting together a Resident Advisory Board to review the plans and provide comments and suggestions.
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Click here for more information (Spanish).

Job Postings:
Interested candidates my submit resumes by mail or e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as instructed in the job posting.

No job postings at this time.

Advertisement for Bids: 
More information on Projects, Bids and RFP's.