Documents, Annual Reports and Policies


Resident Handbook

Panfleto Para Residentes (spanish)


Tenants' Rights You May Not Know About

Foreclosure Resources - Information for Tenants

Foreclosure Help and Hope - Talk to the Right People


5-Year and Annual Plan (draft)

2018 Annual Report

2016 Section 8 FSS Program Annual Report

2017 City of Chelsea Housing Needs Analysis & Strategic Plan




By-Laws of the Chelsea Housing Authority

Public Records Access Guidelines

Capital Fund Program Monitoring Protocol

Equipment Capitalization and Depreciation 

Information Technology Policy

Code of Conduct

Hiring and Selection Guidelines

Employee Criminal Record Offender Information

Housing Applicants Criminal Record Offender Information

Internal Controls Policy

Fraud Policy

Travel Policy

Vehicle Usage Policy

Community Room Use Guiidelines

Smoke-Free Housing Initiative

Maintenance Policy

Preventative Maintenance Policy

Exempt Non-Union Employee Plan Policy

Wage Match Policy for State-Aided Housing

Anti-Discrimiation, Anti-Harassment & Anti-Retaliation Policy & Procedures

Tenant-on-Tenant Harassment Policy & Procedures

Workplace Harassment Policy

Drug Free Workplace Policy

Pregant Worker's Fairness (PWFA) Policy

Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) Policy

Small Necessities Leave (SMLA) Policy

Emergency Evacuation and Relocation Plan

Reasonable Accommodation Policy & Procedures (see ACOP on Public Housing page)

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Policy (see ACOP on Public Housing page)

Limited English Proficiency Plan (see ACOP on Public Housing page)