Board of Commissioners and Meeting Minutes

The operations of the Chelsea Housing Authority is overseen by a Board of Commissioners consisting of five individuals.  Four commissioners are appointed by the City Manager and one commissioner is appointed by the Governor.  Click here to view the By-Laws of the Chealsea Housing Authority.

Beginning in May 2017, Board Meetings will typically held the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Administrative office at 54 Locke Street at 8:30 am.  Meetings are open to the general public.  Special Meetings are scheduled from time to time and may or may not be open to the public.  Meeting minutes are taken at ALL meetings and are available to the public once they are approved.  To submit items to be included in the upcoming meeting agenda, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our offices at least two business days prior to the scheduled meeting.

 ARCHIVED MEETING MINUTES  ( click here to view prior year meeting minutes back to 2011 )

BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS  ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Thomas K. Standish, Chair - Term expires 9/26/2021

A results driven business executive who has built and managed highly successful organizations and has been recognized for outstanding performance in a broad range of arenas.
Entrepreneurial Leadership - Created a vision for Hartford Square, designed and built a Class-A office complex of 620,000 sq. ft., transforming an economically depressed area of the City of Hartford.
Public Service - Wrote and assisted in the passage of the Public Utility Control Act that restructured the focus of public utility regulation to be more pro-consumer. State of Connecticut, Commissioner, Public Utilities Commission, 1975; Commissioner, Public Utilities Control Authority, 1975–1979.
Government Regulation - Invited by Alfred Kahn to serve as a consultant to the Carter White House to help organize the regulatory side of wage/price controls for the energy industry. US Senate.
Expert Testimony -- Economic/Public Utility Analysis - Prepared and delivered expert testimony on electric utility rate structure. Invited expert testimony before the Commerce Committee of the United States Senate.
Amicus Brief in US Supreme Court Desegregation Case - As consultant to the Corporation Counsel of the City of Hartford, Created a strategy, researched Supreme Court cases, integrated results of a previously conducted economic study, wrote Amicus Brief to Supreme Court of the United States that the NAACP re-printed and distributed nationally.

Barbara Salisbury, Vice Chair - Term expires 11/8/2020

Barbara Salisbury is the CEO of MAB Community Services, a not for profit organization serving children and adults with disabilties.  During her long career in the public and not for profit sector, Barbara served as the State Budget Director under Governor Michael Dukakis and as the Administrative Dean at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.

Juan Vega, Assistant Treasurer - Term expires 4/7/2019

(State Appointee) Juan R. Vega is a lifelong Chelsea resident that has been active in community development and civic engagement issues for over 20 years. Juan served as an elected member of the Chelsea City Council from 1994 to 2001, including a term as Council President in 1999. Juan is currently President & CEO of Centro Latino, a non-profit human services organization with offices in Chelsea and Cambridge. He is an appointed member of the Massachusetts Workforce Investment Board, and volunteers on various other boards and committees, including: the Metro North Regional Employment Board, the Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School, and the Multicultural Advisory Committee at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Don Kingsbury, Resident Commissioner - Term Expires 2/28/2020

Don Kingsbury is retired and is a resident of CHA Margolis. He brings to the Board of Commissioners a perspective from the resident's point of view. He has been involved in community service for many decades and brings to the Board of Commissioners a wealth of experience as a former Selectman/Mayor, County Commissioner and as a former Commanding Officer of a nationally recognized Honor Guard. Don Kingsbury presently serves also as President of Chelsea Veterans Council.

Antonio Hernandez - Term Expires 3/20/2021

Antonio Hernandez has been married for 44 years, has two children and two grandchildren. Mr. Hernandez came to the United States in 1970, a pollical refugee from Cuba. He settled in Chelsea and worked at Duncan Galvanizing for 3 years. He took ESL classes to better himself and graduated as a welder in 1974, working as a welder at Tri-State for 6 years. Mr. Hernandez joined the Painters Union in 1979, and became an Organizer from 2001-2009. He moved on to Business Representative in 2009, a position he continues to hold. He serves as a liaison between 3500 members of the International Painters Unions and Allied Trades and its signatory contractors. He volunteers with on many Latin American activities in the City and has received numerous award recognitions from the Brazilian Working Center, Brazilian Immigrant Center and the City of Chelsea.



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