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Avoiding Housing Scams:
The following video was created by the Affordable Housing Online and HAI Group to help individuals identify and avoid Section 8 and Affordable Housing scams.


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The following document provides a list of charges to residents for maintenance services and repairs.

Resident Charges for Services or Repairs September 2017

Integrated Pest Management is a method of pest control that includes a series of evaluations, decisions and controls (as opposed to just applying chemicals). In order for IPM practices to be successful it is imperative that the customer (you) work closely with the maintenance staff and pest control company.

B and B Pest Control IPM Program Tenant Assistance Notification
Programa Integrado de Gestión de Plagas (IPM) de B & B Pest Control (Spanish)

The Maintenance department is responsibile for creating an effective and efficient maintenance system.

Maintenance Policy
Preventative Maintenance Policy

Our Maintenance Department can be reached at (617) 884-5775.  Call us for more information.


The Modernization Department secures capital funding from state and federal sources for improvements at the 915 public housing apartments in Chelsea.

The Modernization staff administers professional services contracts, including Architectural and Engineering contracts, and along with input from the Maintenance Department, reviews construction documents prior to bidding.  The Modernization staff performs construction management and construction inspection on the various jobs under construction, and works with City building inspectors and federal and state regulators to ensure proper compliance with the terms of the construction contracts.

Over the past ten years, more than $21 million in capital work has been completed.

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